Super Ride XL

$2,995.00 or $599.00 / month for 5 months

Hydrofin Super Ride XL: Best for Tritoons with speed ranges between 20-45mph.  

Hydrofin Super Ride XL is a highly engineered hydrofoil system designed by Morrelli & Melvin for tri-toon boats.  Designed to carry 45% of the weight of the boat, these underwater wings create lift and reduce drag.   Customers who install the Hydrofin Super Ride XL system can expect a faster, more efficient, and better riding boat.

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  • Significantly improves the ride and performance of any tri-toon boat with speeds ranging from 20 – 45 mph.
  • Excellent product for tubing and a variety of water sports.
  • Passengers are much more comfortable and stay dry since the boat rides over the waves instead of plowing through them.
  • 5% – 20% faster speeds (most boats are 5% – 10% faster with light loads and 10% – 20% faster with heavy loads).
  • 15% – 30% more efficient (most boats 15% – 20% more efficient at the same cruise speed)
  • The lift generated from the Super Ride XL enables much better handling and helps the boat lean into the turns. Customers will experience handling that feels more like a V-Hull vessel rather than a traditional tritoon boat.
  • Hydrofin uses aircraft grade aluminum to ensure a long-lasting and durable product
  • Hydrofin Super Ride XL is a fixed system. Once installed on your boat there is no maintenance required and no moving parts which means there is nothing to break.
  • Hydrofin Super Ride XL is a universal system designed to fit any round log bitoon or tritoon boat. Our mounting plates will fit any boat with log diameters between 23” – 27”.
  • Designed by Morrelli & Melvin, engineers of America’s Cup racing sailboats, customers can have the peace of mind that they are buying a quality product.
  • Hydrofin Super Ride XL was engineered to withstand the demands of the marine environment. In depth structural analysis was done to make sure it could be safely installed on any common boat with hull thicknesses between .08 and .01.
  • Hydrofin Super Ride XL can be installed in about 5 hours and will be ready to operate the same day. This means your boat stays where it belongs, in the water!
  • Top notch customer service. Whether you install yourself or have a Hydrofin certified installer complete your install, Hydrofin aims to provide superior customer service to ensure the install process is easy and stress free. Questions after the product is installed? The
  • Hydrofin support team will always be available to answer your questions and assist you in any way possible.
  • The Super Ride XL swept wing design which means that seaweed, hydrilla, or other under water debris will go around the wing easily while under way.
  • Do you trailer, beach, or keep your boat on a lift? Not a problem!!! The Hydrofin Super Ride system is mounted safely above the cross members of the trailer (and/or boat lift) and only drafts a few inches below the bottom of the boat.
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Faster Speeds

Improved Efficiency

A Smooth, Dry Ride

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Layaway FAQ’s

How do I make a purchase with Layaway?
  • Click on the item and add to your cart.
  • Select ‘Reserve with Layaway’ in Cart or at Checkout next to each item you want to place on Layaway
  • You will be charged 20% of total cost at checkout. Proceed to pay and your item is reserved and price locked in. The remaining balance is automatically charged every month in 4 equal payments over 4 months. You can prepay your next scheduled payment or pay off your item early for quicker delivery at any time by going to My Orders > Order Details > Manage Payment Plans, and clicking on Pay early.
How do the payments work for Hydrofin Layaway?

Hydrofin Layaway plans can be spread up to 4 months.

  • Pay 20% of the total cost today to reserve your items and lock in the price
  • Taxes will be charged with your final payment
  • You can manage your layaway plan through your Hydrofin account. You can update your payment method, pay the next scheduled payment early, settle overdue payments, and pay off the remaining balance anytime for earlier delivery. To do so, click on My Orders > Order Details > Manage Payment Plans.
What happens if I miss a scheduled payment?
If payment fails, Amazon will notify you via email and alert you on the ‘Manage payment plans’ page of the unsuccessful payment attempt. If payment is not received before the next scheduled payment, we will automatically cancel the Layaway plan for that item and refund all amounts to the payment method used to make previous payments. We do not charge any fees for overdue or canceled Layaway plans. Please note that you will not be able to start additional Layaway plans if your current plan is overdue.
Can I change my payment date?
Once you have started your order on Hydrofin Layaway, the payment schedule cannot be changed. Payments are automatically charged monthly, beginning with the date you place you order. You can prepay your next scheduled payment or pay the full remaining balance at any time by going to My Orders > Order Details > Manage Payment Plans, and clicking on Pay early.
What if the price changes on my product while I am paying it off?
The price at which you reserved the item is locked for the duration of your Layaway plan.
Can I extend my Hydrofin Layaway plan?
No, all Layaway orders must be paid in full within the 4 month Layaway period.
Can I pay off my Layaway plan early?
Yes. At any point you can pay the remaining balance by going to My Orders > Order Details > Manage Payment Plans, and clicking on Pay early. Once the balance is paid in full, your order will be shipped within 3 business days.
How are my payments calculated?
Your Layaway payments are calculated by dividing the total price of the item, excluding tax and shipping fees, into 4 monthly payments. The first payment reserves your item and starts your Layaway plan. See the example below.
Is Hydrofin Layaway really free?
Yes. There are no interest charges, late fees, sign-up fees, service charges, cancellation fees, or restocking fees for using this payment option.

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