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Super FlySuper Ride XL

Same Pontoon.
More to Love.

Super Fly
Super Ride XL

Get more from your Pontoon

Super Fly

For pontoons 20 - 40mph | 5 - 10 mph faster speeds | 30-40% fuel savings | Smooth Dry Ride

Get more from your Tritoon

Super Ride XL

For tritoons 20 - 50mph | 3 - 8mph faster speeds |  10-20% fuel savings | Smooth Dry Ride

How does it work?

More Lift. Less Drag.

With underwater wings that work just like an airplane, Hydrofin reduces drag as you accelerate. By lifting the bow 10 to 12” higher for pontoons and 4 to 8” higher for tritoons, Hydrofin offers a smooth and dry ride your family and friends will appreciate.

Elite Partnerships
Award-Winning Innovation

With 31 Boat of the Year awards, 5 America’s Cup campaigns, and countless broken speed records, Morrelli & Melvin designed the Super Fly and Super Ride XL hydrofoil systems with over four decades of globally renowned excellence.

Upgrade your Boat

More Speed

Flexible plans Starting at $110/mo

Get the Gear

For those looking to cast off in style.

What Boaters Are Saying


“Smoothest ride ever. Can’t recommend them enough.”

Chase H.

“Self installed Hydrofin last weekend. The process was straight forward and fairly easy since Hydrofin provided the center of gravity and install location. Reached 28mph after vs. 22mph before and have a much smoother ride. Very Happy”

Jeff S.

“I’m very satisfied with the performance. It’s just as you said.”

Dave P

“I wanted to write to thank you again for the product. It has absolutely transformed the performance of my boat in open water. This weekend I got an opportunity to go island hopping around Cape Coral with 4 adults, full tanks, and coolers and were able to run 32 mph in 1′ seas at 4500 rpm… The boat is rock solid and smooth as silk.”

Scott A

“I love my Hydrofins! My boat rides so much better, even fully loaded in rough water. Since the boat lifts mostly out of the water there is less splashing and it even leans into turns like a v-bottom boat. Top speed went from 26 to 34 and the fuel economy is awesome.”

Steve R.

“The ride is exceptional. It’s so smooth in rough water and the spray has completely gone away!”

Alan S.

“Increased the speed of my 25′ pontoon with 90hp motor from 24 to 30 when lightly loaded. Increased from 16 to 23 when loaded to capacity. Rides smoother and drier and corners 10 times better.”

Ralph B.

“Dude, it’s awesome! I’m really impressed with the feel of the pontoon since getting Hydrofin.”

Jody W.

Fits Seamlessly on These
Top Brands and More

Cypress Cay
sun chaser

Crafted for Quality.
Built for Longevity.

Engineered with heavy-duty marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel parts, Hydrofin is geared for how you use your boat. That’s all with no maintenance, easily replaceable parts, and an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

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