Super fly

Elevating pontoons to tritoon-level performance
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Super Fly

Boost Speed

Up to 10 mph

Fuel Savings

Up to 40%

Smooth Dry Ride

10″-12″ of bow lift



Super Fly

Fly Across the Water

Beach it. Lift it. Haul it. No matter where you’re heading, Super Fly won’t get in the way of your trailer or boat lift.

More Speed

Add 5 to 10 mph to your top speed for significantly more fun on the water.

More Comfort

Enjoy a smooth boating experience that rides like a tritoon at a fraction of the cost.

More Economy

Save between 30 to 40% on fuel and explore further than ever before with up to 30% more range.

Smooth through Seaweed

The Super Fly is smooth and sleek which means it will cut right through thin patches of seaweed and grass.  If you boat in areas of heavy seaweed,  check out our Super Ride XL which will also work on pontoons!   The swept-wing design of that product glides effortlessly through seaweed and grass without getting caught.

Adjust with Ease

With easily-accessible screws, adjusting Super Fly for your unique pontoon is easy.  Whether for more lift up front or less squatting in the back, fine-tuning takes just minutes.

Super Fly vs. Lifting Strakes

While lifting strakes help with planing at high speeds, they can’t truly lift your pontoon. Super Fly generates over 2,500lbs of lift for more speed and efficiency.

Super Fly vs. Adding a 3rd Log

The improved buoyancy of a 3rd log is quickly outweighed by the added drag and weight. Super Fly elevates your performance without the drawbacks of a 3rd log.

Will Super fly
Work On Your Pontoon?



Round logs 23 - 28" diameter


20 - 40mph speeds



Most boats are 30-40% faster (7-10mph)


30-40% fuel savings


Front of the boat rides 10-12" higher


Significantly better handling


Excellent for tubing and water sports


Ride comparable to a Tritoon

Benefits Chart

Super Fly Benefits Chart

Super Fly Lift Chart

This chart shows how much lift the Super Fit Hydrofin generates at different angles and different speeds.
Super Fly Lift Chart

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Your pontoon is capable of more than you realize. Discover the Super Fly difference today.

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